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Mind Marathon

"I don't run marathons, but my mind sure seems to."

If I burned calories for the laps that my mind does, I would be as fit as a fiddle. My brain seems to run non-stop. Always a new dream…a big idea…the next big thing…running through my mind constantly. And now, non-stop training of how to perfect the ones that have already come to be. My mind does not have an off button.

I wish that my mind worked the same way with physical missions. I know my butt and gut would sure look better if it did. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for a lack of trying. I’ve attempted training for a sprint triathlon for probably close to ten years. I’ll do the dreaming and do some training, but inevitably, I’ll hit some setbacks and then not return to the mission. As one friend told me some time ago, “girl, you are either all in, or all-out”. Mmmhmm, so, so true.

It wasn’t that long ago that my mind marathons were playing out in the same way. I’d spend all day getting in those mind miles, but I would never enter the race with any of the ideas that surfaced. My brain was in constant training, but no big action was happening. Or, if I would muster up the courage to put something into action, a setback would happen that would push me “all-out”.

Here I was, using all this energy in my mind, but because I wasn’t acting on any of it, there was no moment to celebrate, no medal to bite, and no victory to claim. What a waste.

But, eventually, I found a way. “All-Out Amanda” eventually became “All-In Amanda” with some big dreams. The practice turned into performance. And eventually, I crossed some really big finish lines. I became a keynote speaker. I published a book. And, I left the comfort of corporate to pursue the next big dream.

So, what changed to help me get there?

I hired a coach.

The decision to hire a life and success coach changed the entire course of my life. It helped me see my dreams more clearly. It helped me believe in pursuing my purpose with more confidence. And it helped me with a “training plan” to get there.

I’m confident if I had not taken this step, I quite likely would have never seen the stage. Most certainly I would have not published a book. And without a doubt, I would still be sitting in a cubicle all day and dreaming all night about doing something else.

So, what about you? What laps is your mind doing all day long? What dreams, ideas, and missions are you wanting to take from practice to performance? What investment in yourself are you willing to make to cross that finish line that you know, in your heart, is the victory you are intended to achieve?

If this story resonates with you and you would like to learn more about the coaching process, let’s set up a complimentary call to see what the best next step is for the mind marathon you are destined to finish.

If you have a dream and want to take it from mind practice to actionable performance, email and we can set up a complimentary coaching call.

If you feel paralyzed from pursuing the dreams in your life, you can pick up a copy of The Paralyzed Movement to help you navigate the way at

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