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Have you ever felt paralyzed in your life?

Do you have a big dream you are afraid to chase?

Are there some big things in your life you just can't seem to change?

Are you completely stuck and unable to move out of your situation?

Are you ready to take a leap of faith to pursue God's purpose for your life?



Are you ready to take the next steps in overcoming your paralysis
and find others to walk with on your journey?
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God has great plans for each and every one of us.  Ephesians 4:7 says  "He has given each one of us a special gift." This is great news! The challenge is that Satan continuously tries to stop us from living the life that God intends for us. He will give us every reason to be complacent and use our struggles against us. He will make us fearful to move. He will do anything in his power to paralyze us from God's will for our lives. 

If you feel paralyzed in some place in your life, you are not alone. We have all been there. Perhaps it's moving from something in your past, changing something about yourself, repairing a relationship, making different choices, or improving your health. Whatever the paralysis is, it is a burden in your life that you are not intended to carry. God doesn't want you to remain paralyzed.


The Paralyzed Movement is a movement to get you moving in the direction God intends for your life. It is a journey focused on how God can help rehabilitate your life. Through keynote speaking, workshops, one on one coaching, and an online Facebook community of women helping women,  The Paralyzed Movement will help you to get the courage to remove those paralyzing burdens from your life and trust God to lead you down the path of freedom. 

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In 2015, Amanda’s fiancé, Todd, was in a serious accident that caused complete paralysis on the right side of his body. Although doctors gave little confidence of recovery, the whole family put faith in God’s promise that “he will be healed”. The miracle that transpired days following amazed them and their medical staff. But God didn’t stop there. God revealed to Amanda that Todd’s healing had a much bigger meaning and purpose: to help people overcome the mental paralysis in their lives. Through her own testimony and God’s Word, Amanda reveals to participants the power God has to heal the impossible in our lives.

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By joining The Paralyzed Movement Facebook group, you become a part of a community of women helping women to:

  • Discover their Godly purpose

  • Overcome paralysis with God's power

  • Find peace in life through a relationship with Jesus Christ and each other 

In addition to providing you with tools and training options to help provide guidance for your walk, it's a place to connect and be inspired. You can follow topics that are relevant to you and connect with women who are ready to walk the same walk that you are about to. 

It's a place for real life, real women, and real stories. 




Through lecture, group discussion and self-reflection, The Paralyzed Movement workshop helps participants uncover how to remove the paralyzing burdens from their lives and trust God to lead them down the path of freedom.


Topics include:


  • Paralysis in the bible

  • Defining paralysis in God’s eyes

  • Choosing purpose over paralysis

  • Uncovering the paralysis in our lives

  • God’s blueprint for rehabilitating paralysis 

  • “God HAS It” process

Workshops can be customized to align with themes and the needs of your audience.​




Amanda Zwanziger is certified as a Coach Mindset Elite Coach™ and has successfully coached women and professionals to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. 

She works with her “movers” on helping them overcome paralysis in work, faith and in life.  She also helps them to uncover and unleash their purpose-driven dreams and their greatest potential. Amanda is passionate about coaching people and helping them to get visual with their goals and purpose and take action in pursing it!

Amanda’s coaching system was formed as she was going through coaching herself! These tools allowed her to chase her dreams and are available to you to help you chase yours.

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Following a similar format to the one-day workshop, retreats can be customized to meet the needs of the church community. The format allows participants to explore the deeper biblical messages on overcoming paralysis and identifying their God given purposes as well as allowing a lot of time for group exercises and self-reflection. This platform ensures another key objective of the MOVEMENT is met, ensuring that no woman faces their struggles alone. The retreat format truly fosters a community of women helping women and has a spiraling effect within the church community.




Amanda Zwanziger takes us on a hopeful, faith-filled, inspirational journey to find miraculous healing from the things psychologically paralyzing us in life.


Inspired by the miraculous healing of her husband's physical paralysis and the powerful testimonies of those who’ve found recovery from the paralyzing burdens in their lives, Amanda reveals God's ability to heal us and transform our lives from paralyzed to purposeful.

Jesus miraculously healed the paralyzed in biblical times, and he’s still doing it today. Get ready, you are next!

If you are ready to start your journey, click here below to buy the book!


"Sometimes when you're stuck, it's pretty obvious.  Sometimes it's not.  Being in Amanda's workshop helped me to uncover areas of paralysis in my life and, most importantly, how to move toward healing in these areas through the Word and prayer."

                                                                   - Kim 

"I felt as though it was amazing...Fantastic mix of reflection and discussion...My favorite aspect was the growth of myself. The workshop allowed me to look at my own paralysis and learn how to overcome it."

                                                                   - Jen

"I love how Amanda has used her experience to glorify God in a way that encourages women to do some self-reflecting.  As women apply these findings with Amanda's principles, lives will be changed, God will be working in and through them, and the life change is multiplied!"

                                                                   - Lindsy

"I was extremely comfortable during this workshop. I felt like this was a safe place and felt comfortable sharing...I loved the exercises and hearing how God is working in the lives of others."

                                                                   - Faith 

"I was actually very surprised how much I enjoyed and benefitted from the Paralyzed Movement workshop...I gained insights that I find myself using every day. Amanda does a wonderful job of being open and honest about her testimony and has helped me to see myself in a new light and how, with God's help, I can move beyond my fears and the areas in my life in which I am stuck."

                                                                   - Annette

"I loved the ending activity - this will have people leaving encouraged, hopeful and seeing themselves in a different light.  God is going to use Amanda in big ways!"

                                                                   - Sue



As a Women & Event’s Coordinator it was a joy to work with Amanda!  Her enthusiasm and passion for God’s purpose in her life is contagious.  After hosting this workshop at our church, several women spoke of the positive impact it made in their life.  Not only did it impact the women I serve but God has spoken and moved in my heart also.  Through The Paralyzed Movement, God has helped me see stumbling blocks and given me the courage to step forward with Him at my side.  Once again, God reminds me how He sees me and who He made me to be!  I highly recommend this workshop for women looking for new beginnings, encouragement, and hope.


Amanda was a pleasure to serve with. Her love for Jesus was visible far before our event ever began. She is easy to talk with, gracious in her conduct and communicates well with attention to detail. Through their story, Amanda and Todd allow their life to be on display for the glory of God as she shares their genuine, life-altering battles the Lord has chosen to work wonders through. Her passion is for others to know the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Jesus, which enables them to begin walking in the freedom God has made available to all who trust Him.

COC pic.jpg


Amanda’s message was exactly what our employees needed.  All of us are experiencing some sort of paralysis in our life, her message empowered the employees to safely acknowledge an area that they may feel paralyzed in, and give them hope that they can overcome it.  Amanda, thank you, for positively impacting our employees through your message.


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