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Todd's Miracle

Jesus, Matthew 8:7

I will come and heal him.

Todd's Story

On June 23, 2015, Amanda's husband, Todd was driving his daughter Eliana home from a friend’s house on a 4-wheeler when a deer jumped out in front of them and they crashed in the ditch. While his daughter escaped with only a few bruises, Todd was life-flighted to a nearby hospital where it was determined that he had broken his neck. He had shattered his C6 vertebrae and fractured his C7.  The bone fragments from C6 were scattered throughout his spinal cord.  He was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury and was completely paralyzed on the right side of his body.

Todd had a 7 hour surgery where they replaced his c6 vertebrae with a metal cage. His surgery was successful, but his outcome was very unknown as his injury was significant. Any faith we would have in Todd regaining function did not come from medical professionals, but instead, it came from God. As Amanda was praying fervently to God on the way to the hospital when he placed in her heart "He will be healed." This promise became the finish line that the entire family held on to. And that God would hold on to as well.

Click on the video to see the miracle that transpired for Todd next.

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