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Meet Amanda

Impossible is impossible. There is nothing in the world that is impossible. The word should cease to exist.

Amanda Zwanziger

Entrepreneur, coach, consultant, and writer who loves to speak.  


Sales rock star and engineer geek.


Wife, mom, and Jesus-freak.

Amanda is a dream chaser that is passionate about helpings others chase their dreams and change their lives.  She leverages her 23 years of business experience and 45 years of life experience to inspire and motivate people to move towards their their purpose, accomplish their goals and remove any barriers standing in her way. 

Through her business, RightHand, LLC., Amanda consults, trains and coaches sales people and business leaders to reignite, reengage and rehabilitate their businesses so they achieve top performance and get opportunities moving through the funnel. 

Through her ministry, The Paralyzed Movement, Amanda is a Christian speaker, writer and life coach focused on helping women rehabilitate what is broken in their lives and giving them tools to identify how God can help them move again.




Born to Sell

Amanda's folks will tell you that she started negotiating when she came out of the womb. But it was when she was just eleven years old, they knew cold calling was in her future. Her dad, a tire salesmen at the time, had brought his little girl a giant tractor tire inner-tube to take to the beach for the summer. When Amanda noticed that everyone else wanted to pile on it, she saw a business opportunity. Amanda's Innertubes was formed, business cards printed and $300 bucks made it to the bank by the end of the summer.  

A few years later, when Amanda was 16, her cold calling skills started getting practice. Quite confidently the first 16 year old female windshield repair person ever, Amanda picked up the phone and started dialing school bus barns of districts with miles of gravel roads. Her persistence paid off and she made a killing! At the end of the summer, the mall reaped the reward.

Wrong Turn Made Right

As an Iowa City native and lifelong Iowa Hawkeye many, including her folks, have joked that this wrong turn was attending rival Iowa State University. But when Amanda shared she was going to study engineering, even their tunes changed. The last thing they thought this girl could tackle was an engineering degree!

A self proclaimed nerd, Amanda enjoyed several aspects of the engineering program. But leading into her final year, she started to question her choice. It was during her senior design project that she decided she wanted to make a change. While everyone else was enjoying nerding out on determining more efficient ways to produce coffee makers, Amanda wanted to stick a fork in her eye.

But that desire to change was short lived. After a call with her mom expressing her desire to change majors with 1 semester left, mom's begging won out. Amanda successfully graduated in 1997 in Industrial Engineering.

But her disinterest in her senior design project wasn't done playing out. Amanda intentionally interviewed for sales engineering positions to avoid a coffee maker engineer type of life. As a finalist for a sales engineering position with Siemens, she and a handful of others were asked to prepare a 15 minutes presentation. After conferring with the others, who were doing their presentations on the dreaded senior design project, Amanda decided to present on what sales people care about Two minutes into her presentation on the T-Zoid Titanium Driver they knew she was the one. Her career at Siemens was born and her passion for selling began.



When It All Changed

For nearly two decades Amanda chased that "perceived" dream of climbing the corporate ladder. She had risen to a sales top performer and had secured a once-in-a-lifetime job that allowed her to travel around the world. While most thought she was “living her dream”, Amanda was truly miserable. Her heart was not across the world, it was at home.

Well, when her heart started stirring, she started listening. Taking a huge leap of faith, Amanda walked away from that"dream job" in 2014. Deciding to take a role close to home, she halved her paycheck, but doubled her passion for pursuing her purpose in life.


In 2016, that purpose was revealed. Inspired by the miraculous recovery of her husband following an accident in which he was paralyzed, and from the many years Amanda herself struggled with paralysis in work, life and faith, The Paralyzed Movement was formed.

Amanda discovered that the determination, hope, belief, hard-work, and faith that those who find physical healing have are the characteristics that all must have in order to overcome their own obstacles and pursue their dreams in work, life and faith. 

The only thing standing between Amanda pursuing her dream of ministry and starting her own business was faith and guts. 

At the end of 2016, Amanda decided to go out on her own, starting her own business and ministry. Today, Amanda's consulting, coaching and training business is helping companies transform, change mindset and uncover opportunities for new growth.  

Amanda's ministry, The Paralyzed Movement, is transforming lives. Hundreds of women have been impacted by Amanda's story and how it relates to their lives. The greatest gift she has been given is to see God use her and her husband's trials in their lives to help women make powerful life-changing movement in theirs.


Sales Punk 

Amanda started her career at Siemens pounding the pavement selling mechanical service agreements for buildings. Her first sale happened presenting in front of 300 angry community members who showed up at a school board meeting to fight school consolidation. Her boss, who fondly called her a "sales punk" told her in that moment, "you've got it in you". He not only taught her how to sell, he taught her how to be an encourager.

His prediction proved to be true. Amanda spent 10 years as a top performer at Siemens selling energy efficient solutions, building automation, fire and life safety and security solutions for facilities. Amanda was recognized as a top performer and won the President's Club Award. For the last half of her career, Amanda's sales represented over half of her branch's revenue.

A Few More Right Turns

Following Siemens, Amanda made an industry change, spending 7 years working for ITA Group focused on developing and selling integrated engagement solutions to customers to motivate their employees, channel partners and customers to drive results. The science of this business Amanda considers one of the most valuable assets she's received in her career track.

At ITA Group, Amanda was selected as a the head of the sales council where she lead peer to peer initiatives to drive further sales performance. In addition, she continued recognition for top performance earning Presidents Club recognition on multiple occasions.

When Amanda decided to make a big change (see The Change), she found the perfect "bridge job" to ultimately achieve her own dreams. She started and grew a new office for a large energy services company. There Amanda learned how to build a business from the ground up, leading business development, helping to grow the office from 1 to 7 employees and doubling business year over year. 

Currently, through RightHand, LLC, Amanda's consulting involves the development and growth of a new multi-million dollar business unit at a large national mechanical contractor.

$100 Million Gal

Amanda's successful track record in sales has resulted in over $100 million in revenue for the companies that she has touched. Through this journey, she's developed the sales process, approach, and strategies that she teaches her clients today.

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