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Is Your Organization Struggling with Paralysis?

RightHand LLC will get your business moving in the RIGHT direction.


Business Consulting & Coaching

For Sales and Business Leadership




Sales Strategy

 Is your organization suffering sales paralysis because your approach is a little self-centered? Transforming your organization to be less "we" focused and more "client" focused is critical to success. RightHand helps you and your organization uncover your customer's true needs and how to better articulate your value so it means something to THEM.



Sales Approach

 Whether it's your sales processes, approach, effectiveness,  training, or management, sales paralysis exists. Every organization has a gap. RightHand works with you and your company to determine these gaps and develop a sales rehabilitation strategy that will get your sales force moving in the direction of your business objectives.  



Sales Engagement

Sales paralysis is not always a people problem. Often times sales paralysis is a training, engagement or motivation problem. RightHand works with your organization to evaluate opportunities to drive further sales performance through the development of strategies for training, sales incentive, and recognition strategies. 


Analysing Data


Through her business, RightHand, LLC., Amanda consults sales people and business leaders strategies to reignite, reengage and rehabilitate their businesses so they achieve top performance and get opportunities moving through the funnel. 

Analysing Data


Amanda leverages 23 years of business experience and over $100 million of sales achievement to coach sales and business leaders to identify their success measures and develop plans to pursue their objectives, increase performance and remove barriers that are preventing goal attainment.



RightHand customizes classroom and online training for businesses and organizations to identify what areas in their business are paralyzing them from achieving their goals and trains participants using proven methods that have resulted in over 20 years of business success.

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