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Life Flight

Updated: Oct 3, 2021


I’ll never forget hearing the words, “We need the bird,” as I was sitting beside Todd laying in the ditch. At this point in time, I had convinced myself that he didn’t have any major injuries. In my mind, the only reason he couldn’t move his right arm and leg was that they were probably just broken. Nothing serious of course.

But those words coming out of the first responder’s mouth changed everything.

Life Flight was coming.

The fear that I felt at that moment cannot be explained. I went into a state of panic. My mind immediately raced with the greatest sense of impending doom.

But then, as I was on my way to the hospital praying and panicking at the same time, the words “He will be healed” were placed on my heart. I heard this on repeat.

This was the moment that God became my life flight. And then soon thereafter would become our family’s life flight. And now I hope, in some way, these words become your life flight.

These words, “He will be healed” would prove to be true for Todd. Despite having less than a quarter-inch of his spinal cord to spare, the life flight first responders managed to stabilize him, move him out of a ditch, across a gravel road, through another ditch, across a bumpy farm field into MercyOne, through and into the hands of his amazing medical care. All without injuring him further.

And then the miraculous healing of his paralysis followed.

God healed him.

It would be a few years later that I would learn just how intentional God was in sharing with me the words “He will be healed,” when I stumbled across the following verse, from the moment when a Roman Officer came to Jesus to ask him to heal his paralyzed servant:

Jesus said, “I will come and heal him.” Matthew 8:7 NLT

This verse became a beacon. And it became the inspiration for my book, The Paralyzed Movement.

Every single person on earth becomes paralyzed by something. It may be something from your past that you can’t get over, relationships you can’t seem to mend, or guilt over choices you’ve made. You could be struggling with addiction, with fears, or with grief. The list is endless. We are all, in some way shape or form, psychologically paralyzed.

But the beautiful thing is, we don’t have to stay that way. Just like life flight so perfectly cared for Todd so that he could find healing, God so perfectly cares for us so we can find healing too. There is no pyschological battle you are facing that is bigger than he is. God wants to come and heal you.

If you are hopeful and excited to start that journey, pick up my book The Paralyzed Movement on Amazon on October 10th. You'll discover the life flight God wants to bring to you.

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