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Chicken to be Christian

I recently had a friend bring up a private group I started twelve years ago called Chicken to Be Christian. I decided to go back and see what I wrote back then. As I reflect on the words that I wrote an eternity ago, I find it funny that even after writing a Christian book and am getting ready to publish it, I still feel this way!

This is for all my fellow chickens out there!

“So I've been a chicken too long! It seems that in the world today we can discuss anything, but we all seem to hesitate when it comes to our spirituality. We are too Chicken to be Christians!

I think we are chickens for 2 reasons:

1) We are uncomfortable talking about our faith because we are not "perfect Christians". Well guess what, no one is perfect, we are all sinners. And somewhere along the way, someone decided to set the tone that to be a Christian, you have to act perfect. BOGUS! This group is specifically for those of us who know that we are far from perfect and have decided that being a Christian is not an's an incredible journey of real-life... and we are finally ready to start talking about it. Skeletons and all!

2) We are afraid that by talking about it, we will make others uncomfortable. Well maybe so...but let me say something...I have been uncomfortable with feeling uncomfortable about talking about it! I'm tired of having to hold back some of my most incredible life experiences from my family and friends, because of how "uncomfortable" it may make them. It's who I am and if they love me, they should be happy to hear about the positive change in my life! This group is for those of us who have felt constrained talking about those life experiences and just want a place to share with those who are not afraid to talk about it.

This group is for everyone. There are so many people who know me who will be surprised that I started this group...I have sometimes felt like I live a double life. My faith side...and my cool, like to have fun and drink beer side. The reality to me now is that it is not a double life, it's my life. It's who I am and it's part of my journey getting those two sides of me closer together. This is my first step. I know there are so many people who feel the same way...and I hope this group can be your first step too.”

The one thing that I've discovered this week as I've had a team of people reviewing the book, some practicing Christians, some not, is that this perceived judgment we have is not reality. I've been shocked how many people have been enjoying the message despite their faith status. And above all, they haven't judged me at all! They have only loved me and supported me.

I think that our feelings of being Chicken to be Christian is not reality at all. I encourage you if you are feeling this way, to step out. Have a conversation with someone about it. Head to church. Or write about it. Like I did!

Check out what this Chicken to be Christian wrote tomorrow, October 9th. when The Paralyzed Movement releases on Amazon!

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