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Bad Break Gone Good

Earlier this week, I said a few words at my book launch party, going through my list of people to thank. It came time to thank Todd. My husband, my miracle, and my inspiration for The Paralyzed Movement. And then I said it,

“Thank you for breaking your neck.”

There were gasps in the crowd. Mumbles of shock and disgust filled perhaps at least half the people in the room. Even as I said “I’m joking”, the joke wasn’t got. If there were tomatoes, they would have splatted. A trap door, I would have been sent down it. A hook, it would have been used.

Ok, ok, perhaps that reaction is a bit of an exaggeration. There certainly was shock but in a protective manner of our miracle man. And rightly so, how could I make light of such a tragedy?

But here’s the deal. I said it on purpose.

As I shared with the crowd, never in a million years, would I want Todd to go through what he went through. But I am not sure that I wouldn’t want to go through what I went through being witness to it all. Seeing God’s miracle performed…seeing the hope, faith, determination, and positivity of Todd through it all…and seeing how it impacted so many was simply one of the most amazing times of my life. Somehow, in the course of this all, his tragedy turned into a triumph. And it changed the entire course of my life…and now, through the ministry, it has changed the course of many others' lives.

I’m not thankful for Todd’s injury, but I’m thankful for the journey it led us to. And Todd will tell you the same. And thankfully, the crowd gets that now too.

The Paralyzed Movement is all about inspiring people to turn tragedies into triumphs. To take the challenges in their lives and turn them into something amazing that impacts others. To take their paralysis and use it for their purposeful mission in life.

When you think about that heavy thing that’s been weighing you down for too long, what does it mean to you to think about it being used for good? When you think about that thing that has you stuck, what does it mean to you to think about you miraculously overcoming it? When you think about your tragedies, what does it mean to you to know that there is a triumph behind them?

Todd’s bad break was made good.

Now, what about yours?

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