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Do you have a dream stirring inside you that you just can't shake?

Are you tired of going through the motions and ready to make a change?

Is there something missing in your life that you are ready to find?

Do you feel paralyzed in some area of your life and are ready to move again?

Are you ready to take your career or business to the next level?

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Welcome to AmandaMotivates and the home of The Paralyzed Movement! If you are ready to transform your life, chase your dreams and overcome the things in your life that have been holding you back, then Amanda can help you do that. Through business and ministry speaking, coaching, consulting and training, Amanda is helping hundreds of people get moving towards their work, faith and life goals and purpose. It's time for you to join the movement. 


Meet Amanda 

Entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker and writer

Amanda is an accomplished speaker and published author that is passionate about helpings others chase their dreams and change their lives.  Through her coaching services, she leverages her 23 years of business experience and 45 years of life experience to inspire and motivate people to move towards their purpose, accomplish their goals, and remove any barriers standing in her way. 



Keynotes, Workshops, Training

From businesses and organizations to  churches and ministries, Amanda uses her own professional and personal experiences to create inspirational messages for your organization's next meeting, retreat, or training session.



Women, Sales, Career, Leadership

Through her professional and personal programs, Amanda works with women, professionals, and leaders to help them overcome obstacles that have them stuck so they can be free to  pursue the purpose in their lives.



Sales, Business Strategy, Leadership

With over 23 years of experience excelling in sales and business leadership, Amanda works with organizations and individuals to help them to reignite, reprogram, and rehabilitate their business strategies to achieve greater performance.

Gail Meckley

Women's Ministry Leader


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“As a Women & Event’s Coordinator it was a joy to work with Amanda!  Her enthusiasm and passion for God’s purpose in her life is contagious.  After hosting this workshop at our church, several women spoke of the positive impact it made in their life.  Not only did it impact the women I serve but God has spoken and moved in my heart also."


Women's Ministry Leader


"I worked with Amanda to identify solutions regarding a business improvement project focused upon my company's key accounts. Amanda is persistent in asking the right questions to insure that all possible solutions are explored. There is not a stone left unturned in her pursuit of providing results that meet our expectations."


Area Manager


"Amanda has coached me both professionally and personally. Her knowledge of sales and business development has helped me change the course of my career. From a personal standpoint, she's not only helped me to overcome difficult situations in my life, she's helped shed light on a purpose that I had not explored."


Business Development

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